Transmission Sales and Installations

transplan UK was originally set up to plan and install transmission systems for small broadcasters.
With all the restrictions imposed by Ofcom of relatively low power coupled with the lack of suitable structures for locating transmission systems, the philosophy has always been to get the very most out of what we have to hand.

There is no substitute for experience when planning a transmission system. Computer plotting software is very useful, but it only shows an approximation to reality and is very much dependent on the information fed in. Contour and relief maps can help, but the only sensible approach is to visit the area and look for suitable sites with a knowledge of the desired coverage.

Just because you connect even a good antenna to a good transmitter doesn’t mean it will do what you expect. All antennas are reliant on having a “view” of the target – and other influences near them and sometimes quite a distance away will drastically alter what they can achieve.

The way an antenna is mounted relative to the structure it is on will influence how it performs – and there are countless designs with widely varying levels of efficiency and propagation pattern.

So – it’s best to leave this sort of thing to people who have a bit of experience. Guess who that might be? There’s an old adage which says that antenna technology is 5% science and 95% black magic.That isn’t too far off the truth!