Transmission Hire

transplan UK was originally conceived as a service planning transmission systems for Restricted Service Licence broadcasts, as it was evident that few broadcasters had the skills required to get the best cover of an area with the very limited power and height allowances from Ofcom.

We have now facilitated over 200 RSLs and have an enviable reputation for achieving creditably large transmission coverage whilst keeping within the legal constraints.

We offer a variety of transmission packages available for hire with support. From a simple transmitter and aerial, through to digital and analogue studio to transmitter links using equiptment from maufacturers such, BW Broadcast, Audessence, Barix, and SBS.

In addition we can supply both analogue and digital link systems for Outside Broadcasts.

Unlike other companies we use our own in house installation engineers to install and remove the equipment ensuring that the customer has total satisfaction. Our hire equipment is backed up by 24-hour telephone assistance and in the highly unlikely event of equipment failure and where necessary we strive to offer next day on site replacement.