Studio Sales and Installation

We have supplied and installed studio packages from modest budgets through to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Being independent, we have no particular favourite suppliers believing that a client, no matter how big or small deserves free and impartial advice. That said, we do have close relationships with leading manufacturers and are kept fully up to date with new products as they arrive on the market including:

  • The complete Sonifex range of popular mixers and RedBox products
  • The Broadcast range of mixing consoles by Soundcraft
  • The Alice On Air 2000 desk with its associated products.
  • The D&R Airmate and the ever-flexible AirLab from Holland

We  can also offer modification to European desks to allow for UK-standard  PPM metering.

Here at transplanUK, we are also happy to manufacture, supply and install IT equipment specifically suited to broadcast applications. These are typically supplied with a 19-inch rack mount case and professional high specification sound cards with balanced inputs and outputs. Specifications of our IT products can be tailored to include Digital GPI/GPO switching cards to allow for fader start, multi screen options including touch screen capability and Cat5 VGA keyboard and mouse extenders.