Glossary – iStream

The source is the input into the Encoding Software.Typically, this is through a ‘Line In’ on a computer soundcard. You’ll need a spare computer lying around to send the audio to us. If you don’t have one – don’t worry! We’ll be happy to supply you one.

Encoding Software:
The encoding software has a vital part to play. It will take the feed from your source and transform it to your chosen format to send to us, and your listeners.There are many formats to choose from, and we’ll help you select the best one for your needs.

This is technical jargon which roughly translates to quality (and is measured in Kbps – Kilo-bits/second). The higher the bitrate, the higher the quality – however, the higher the bitrate the higher the bandwidth required by both you and the people listening. Different formats at the same bitrate sound differently due to the change in algorithm that they are encoded at.

Bandwidth is simply the speed or capacity of a network connection The more bandwidth available, the faster data can be transmitted across it.