Case Studies

Some of the many and varied projects we have undertaken include:

  • Revision of the air-to-ground antenna system on the Capital Radio Flying Eye to eliminate transmission blind-spots while the aircraft was in steep turns.
  • The planning and execution of 8 nation-wide RSLs for the Milestone Pictures project “Youth FM” in 2000 at The Dome, Leeds, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Belfast and Bournemouth.
  • Work towards the achievement of full-time broadcasting for such stations as Kestrel in Basingstoke, Kick in Newbury, Oak in Loughborough, Rugby FM. Reading 107, The Bee in Blackburn, Abbey in Barrow and many more.
  • The design, facilitating, wiring and commissioning of a 5-studio complex in Hayes for Panjab Radio’s multiple services for DAB and world-wide internet and satellite distribution
  • A total at the end of 2010 of 26 Community Radio stations successfully taken to air with another 14 in progress, and involvement in over 200 RSL broadcasts in 15 years of operation