Who Are We?

At transplan UK each of us has a differing expertise range spanning a variety of areas. We are dedicated and professional people who are the force behind the wide range of services that we have to offer. Each one of us aims to make sure that you have the right tools to provide the best possible results. It is our passion, commitment, integrity and expertise which are integral in creating the superior service offered by transplan UK.

Ian HicklingIan Hickling | Partner

Ian started getting interested in radio when he found some foreign stations on his parents’ Philco bakelite radio back in the 50s. Leaving school with Science and Maths qualifications he served in the RAF and then joined Plessey on piezo-ceramic development.

Moving to what was then Jaybeam Aerials in Northampton he started on a career in the black magic that is antenna technology which is the key to the æthos behind transplan UK’s highly specialised “transmission planning” regime which gave the Partnership its name.
Phil FurnivallPhilip Furnivall | Partner

Phil started his career in the Royal Air Force and after 23 years as a telecommunications engineer he left to become a freelance broadcast engineer after an initial resettlement course with BFBS. He has worked with the BBC, Classic FM, Capital Radio and numerous commercial stations on a great variety of projects. He has also collaborated with Paul Robbins of “Procass Audio” fame and amongst numerous radio station builds was responsible for the design and installation of several of Wise Buddah’s prestigious studios, which are still widely used for programme production by BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2.

In 1998 Phil left Procass to work as Head of Engineering for Milestone Pictures on a yearlong youth project where he met Ian Hickling. transplan UK was born in 1999 and the rest, you could say, is history.
Lee Collier | Consultant Engineer

Lee is one of transplan UK's studio engineers. He has worked on numerous projects and knows his kit inside out. Often found under a desk with a soldering iron in one hand and an XLR plug in the other, He comes from a background of high-end cinema and audio installation. Since working for transplan UK he has been responsible for studio design and IT management.
Neal YoungerNeal Younger | Consultant Engineer

Neal has a 12 year business data and infrastructure background, with a particular interest in communications. He has a broad range of skills; from Studio Wiring through to Transmission, IP Links, and IT Systems. Since his first broadcast on Centre FM, initially as a Traffic & Travel bulletin researcher / presenter, he has been involved in many radio projects across the North East, before joining transplan UK in 2007.