About Us

transplan UK started in 1999, as a Transmission Planning and Measurement service. We have evolved from merely a service to broadcasters for location of transmitters and links into a true full-support philosophy for radio at all levels.

Since those early days, transplanUK has expanded – undertaking projects for both small scale (RSL, Student and Community) and large scale (Commercial) broadcasters alike. The number of services transplan UK offers has grown over the years. They now comprise:


  • Equipment Hire & Sales
  • Initial consultation with licence applicants
  • Full liaison with Ofcom and completion of documentation
  • Site surveys and coverage plotting
  • Antenna system design and development
  • Transmission planning and installation
  • Transmission pre-commissioning configuration
  • Frequency analysis and spectral occupancy
  • Transmission site security


  • Studio design, configuration and installation
  • IT planning and installation
  • Computer playout systems
  • Equipment hire and sales
  • Broadcast Telecoms

Web Services

  • Web Streaming
  • Website Development
  • Station branding and programming
  • Audio imaging and branding
  • Station management
  • Presenter and staff training
  • Advertising scriptwriting and production
  • Planning and operation of school “Radio Days”